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Cypress Log Homes, Benefits For A Lifetime

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Cypress is known as “The Wood Eternal”
“Nature’s Perfect Wood”

Cypress has earned the distinction of being known as “The Wood Eternal” from the making of hollow log water pipes in 1798. These hollowed out cypress water pipe systems used in major cities were still working when they were removed in 1914. Due to its ability to tolerate dampness, without affecting a liquids taste or odor, cypress was ideally suited for water tanks and cisterns.

Cypress has long been praised as “NATURES PERFECT WOOD” lasting for hundreds of years. Highly prized by artisans and craftsmen worldwide for its longevity, beauty, and easy to work with. Because of its many special features, it continues to be proven as “The Best Premium Log Home Material available in the market today.”

Cypress trees generate a naturally occurring preservative oil called Cypressene that makes cypress heartwood more resistant to insects, decay, chemical corrosion and other damaging exterior elements. For this reason, Cypress has been longtime favorite providing peace of mind.

Cypress trees are unique self-generating trees, unlike the pines and cedars. As the parent tree is cut down and removed it sprouts several babies that feed on the existing established parent tree root system allowing the newly sprouted trees great advantages and faster growth as a starting tree. Some say the “knees” tree stalagmites provide oxygen to the roots, and also anchor and support the tree in an unstable environment. Some “knees” have been reported to be up to 13 feet tall.

This is why many call Cypress a true Green Product. Cypress trees harvested today are not clear cut like pine. They are selectively cleared to prevent overcrowding which allows for stronger and better growth which is necessary for a thriving ecosystem.

Cypress is also important as it is a Green Sustainable Carbon-Neutral Material. Due to the proper harvest management programs followed, we have more Cypress trees now than we had over a century ago.

Bald Cypress is known by many names, Red Tidewater Cypress, Red Cypress, Swamp Cypress, Black Cypress, Southern Cypress, and is the State Tree of Louisiana.

Cypress trees are conifers, but unlike most softwoods, they are deciduous trees that shed their foliage in the fall like hardwoods. It grows alongside hardwoods and is traditionally grouped and manufactured with hardwoods. Cypress wood is heavier and denser due to the tight growth rings. Which allows for less settling, checking and twisting on Log Home construction. Cypress has long been a favorite choice for long-wearing outdoor materials applications as a fence post, pilings, docks, telephone post, railroad ties to stakes for farming.

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What did Noah’s Ark and the first doors of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome have in common? Legend has it that both were made of the durable wood we know as Cypress.

In fact, the doors of the original St. Peter’s were more than 1,100 years old when the building was torn down and reconstructed in the 1,500’s.

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote that the Egyptians used cypress to entomb their mummies. Plato, the great philosopher, insisted his code of laws be engraved on cypress wood.

If your looking for the best wood available for building your dream Log Home and or Log Cabin, then Heart-Cut Cypress can’t be beat. Cypress Log Homes will give you a chemical free home with less maintenance, resistance from decay and insects that will last your family for generations.

Log Home Guys is a top provider of heart-cut cypress log homes and cypress cabins in the log home industry. Start with calling us now to help you get started with your dream log home.

Cypress log homes and cypress structures are said
to be some of the oldest in the world.

Photo to the left features St. Augustine School House, touted as the oldest schoolhouse in the USA. Made from cypress this structure first appears on tax records in 1716 but may have been built as early as 1702.

Cypress was a favorite building material of Frank Lloyd Wright, where cypress graces the floors, walls, and cabinetry in many of the famous architect’s creations.

“He who looks before he leaps, builds of cypress and builds for keeps” was displayed on a cypress sign by the Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association
and displayed at the New York World’s Fair in 1939.

Click here to read an article from Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association on the 1933 Worlds Fair Cypress Log Cabin.

In the United States, the only other relatives to the cypress are the Sequoia and Sequoiadendron genera, which includes the redwoods of California.

In 2012, a team of divers discovered an underwater forest of cypress trees in 60 feet of water off the coast of Mobile, Alabama. They believe that wave-action from Hurricane Katrina may have uncovered the forest. Carbon dating on these perfectly preserved trees determined that they were 52,000 years old! They are so well preserved that when they were cut, they still smelled like fresh cypress sap.

The slow-growing tight ringed Cypress is denser and heavier than Pines, Cedar, and Fir. With Cypress, you’ll see very little in shrinkage. When compared to other wood species, Cypress will be considerably lower in longterm cost for normal maintenance. You’ll spend less money building and maintaining your log home, while enjoying more important things like friends and family.

We are happy to incorporate Cypress Heavy Timbers, Hand Peeled, and Decorative Swell-butt Cypress Trees into your unique design. Cypress Log Homes are our specialty, call us today. If you can dream it, we can build it!
Fall Cypress Swamp
Fall Cypress Swamp

Cypress shingles have been found, that have lasted over 250 years.

Cypress Swamp Egret
Cypress Swamp With Egret
Cypress Tree with Egert
Cypress Tree With Egert
St Augustine Cypress Schoolhouse
One Of The oldest Cypress Structures, St. Augustine School House From 1702
Cypress Log Cabin Benefits
Photo Features A Swell-Butt Decorative Cypress Tree Centerpost

Cypress “The Wood Eternal”

We were lucky enough to find old original articles from the early 1920’s to share with you.
A true testament to the longevity and durability of this amazing wood.